The Distillery North PH Block

The Distillery North Apartments are part of a new, ultra-sustainable building in a fast-developing area. This Passive House in South Boston building is home to 28 unique apartment residences, a public café, a street-level commercial space, and ample interior parking.

It joins the original building – an old rum distillery called The Distillery – built in the mid-19th century, which since 1984 has grown into a vibrant community of artists, artisans, small businesses, and galleries in a mix of live-work and non-live-work spaces currently occupied by approximately 150 working artists.

The Distillery North Apartments in Boston will soon be joined by a third building that will add an additional 37 apartment residences, six commercial spaces, a grocery market, a three-story greenhouse, and extensive additional parking. The three buildings will create an interconnected village with a generous interior courtyard that we have carefully designed to retain winter warmth and exploit summer breezes – for relaxing, gathering, and the visual and performing arts.

65 units
LEED-H Midrise Platinum | Passive House Certified